L-Arginine Revealed

Are You Curious What Makes A Stimulating Gel Work?

Anyone that knows anything about female stimulating gels will tell you that if a product doesn’t have L-Arginine… The stimulating gel is less effective.

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid commonly taken from plant protein sources. L-Arginine is instrumental in causing a reaction in the body which produces nitric oxide.

Now the real truth is — this reaction makes blood vessels more relaxed and increases blood flow to the clitoris. It’s like a natural Viagra for women!

In fact, L-Arginine has been used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men (ED) for many years.

Once excited with the L-Arginine, the clitoris has increased sensitivity to stimulation – similar to an erect penis.

A great female stimulating gel will also contain ingredients that produce a stimulating effect (like tingling or pleasant tickling sensation) — this combined with the effects of L-Arginine creates a wonderfully erotic experience and leads to increased pleasure and a more intense climax. Women often experience multiple orgasms much easier when using a stimulating gel.

Forget everything you’ve heard (or might hear) about other ingredients to open blood vessels and increase pleasure.

  • Niacin
  • Forskholii
  • Primrose

While these other ingredients are effective and do work to add to the pleasure experience. The results are in — When it comes to getting the most pleasure from your stimulating gel — Nothing works as wonderful as L-Arginine!

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