5 Customer Testimonials “G Female Stimulating Gel”

  1. Sam says:

    first time we’ve bought lube together, she loves it, it feels good, doesnt dry out quickly, and she says it does feel great

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  2. Edwin says:

    I purchased this item based on the opinion of another friend that has used it before. I always tend to question the effectiveness of products such as this. Many make high claims of doing things but when the product is used, it doesn’t follow through with those claims. This is not the case with this Product. It only took one use of it with my Partner to make me want to recommend this product for other people. The reaction I got from her after using this simply amazed me. Note however that the reaction that I got my from my partner may not be the same for others. So you’re still buying at your own risk but I would still recommend it at the least. It was well worth the purchase for me.

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  3. blondeshell says:

    Hello, I got g sent last week and tried with my husband Easter weekend. The gel was great. Very pleasant and I noticed the difference right away. Worked very good and no complaints. Thanks.

  4. Baby says:

    At first I though it was ok, but after using several times I found that it almost numbed the area. I do like the easy pump top, less mess. I will not buy this product again.

  5. pedro says:

    I purchased G a week ago, for when my ladies would get back!…..I must say that when we all got together to give it a go…..well, they were swept right off their feet! This product has opened up a completely new chapter in bed! Touchey G, touchey!

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