2 Customer Testimonials “Her Solution Gel”

  1. Sheila says:

    Can’t be sure I had any additional sensitivity. Feels cool when applied and makes for an interesting feeling but doesn’t last long. Do not like the fact that it so pink in color and goes on pink, too. Clear gel would be better. Also very pricey. I think it cost more then it is worth.

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  2. S. Lee says:

    Before I tried this one I also bought KY and Vigorelle and then it was this one. But none of them did anything. They all smell like some herb extracts and work as mint gel, they don’t do anything except gives slightly cold feeling. Don’t be fooled by the fake comments you see on their company websites or on fashion magazines. If you really want to try something, then try KY’s. KY is the cheapest and smallest one among the 3 products. Therefore if it doesn’t work on you, at least you wouldn’t waste so much money on it. I recommend KY also because it’s a famous brand. Unlike this product herSolution, doesn’t even have clear product information on the box, nor on the tube. The tube looks especially cheap. It’s just a simple white tube with a sticker on it. Looks like something that anyone can make in their bathroom. I highly suspect that this product is made in a legal pharmaceutical laboratory, nor would I believe that this product has been tested.
    I strongly recommend everyone NOT to buy it. It’s expensive for nothing.

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