4 Customer Testimonials “Orexia”

  1. C. Costa says:

    Either you know how to “get there” or you don’t. I don’t think there is a magic cream out there. The cream adds a nice sensation, but won’t rock your world, unless you’re rockin’ it anyway. “Guaranteed to reach orgasm”???!!! Uh, excuse me, Mr/Ms. Orexia representative, but I can’t orgasm and I’ve used a whole jar. I’m pretty cranky and they kicked me out of the post office when I went to return your puny little jar. Ha! Oooh we can have fun with this one.

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  2. Galadrial "Marvin & His K9 Lover" says:

    I expected more from this. Tingly yes, explosive no. I really don’t feel as if this lived up to the wonderful claims. Maybe for some this works…just not me. Very greasy feeling and I didn’t find the fragrance appealing. Quite distracting actually.

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  3. LeAnn Spokane Girl says:

    I thought it was very effective. The smell is a little offensive, and I think it is overpriced for how small the jar is. That aside, it does deliver in producing an increased stimulation. I will buy more.

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  4. S Morris says:

    This is a decent product, mainly does what it advertises. Really helps if you have issues with dryness. Smells different but nice. Not everything works for all people….but I’m ordering another jar.

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