6 Customer Testimonials “Vigorelle Arousal Gel”

  1. R.Engle says:

    The product did not achieve anything more than a tingling sensation, and is over priced, I would not purchase it again.

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  2. S. Lee says:

    Smells like some herb extracts and works as mint gel, doesn’t do anything except gives slightly cold feeling. I don’t recommend anyone to buy it. It’s expensive for nothing.

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  3. Leslie Caldwell says:

    I was hoping to feel a difference but I only felt a menthol feeling, which I could have replicated that for a much cheaper price. I was a little disapointed and I always felt a little uncomfortable putting the cream under the hood of my clit. I was afraid of getting infected down there because I am so sensitive. Plus side I liked the peppermint smell. But is as far as it goes.

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  4. Fiestamonde says:

    I have read many reviews, giving the experiences and opinions of others, prior to making the purchase of Vigorelle–this is our second buy. There are obviously individual differences, within the general feminine physical and psychological makeup, and whatever they may be, one thing is for certain: where my wife is concerned, I give them no due weight. Her opinion, only, is paramount. She says Vigorelle is good; works instantly; and there are no unpleasant side effects. She, therefore, is well-pleased, and I, too, am satisfied. Satisfaction is not restricted to the product: our current vendor provided excellent pricing; good packaging; timely delivery; and free shipping. How good can it get? We shall purchase again!

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  5. Once Once says:

    If this stuff actually works for you, then here’s a money-saving tip: crush up some Altoids, mix into some lotion and then rub it on yourself!

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  6. sophie says:

    lol the menthol is what gets you..not aroused but running to the restroom to wash it off. Is there anything out there that does not burn…UUUhhhhgggg!!!!

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